Entertainment & Nightlife in Canton

Even in a small town like Canton, there is still enough going on after dark to keep night owls entertained. From neighborhood watering holes to live music and local stage productions, you’ll find something fun to do with friends at night. Read more about some of the entertainment and nightlife in Canton. 

Farmington Valley Stage

Lovers of the theater will find delight in the shows offered at Farmington Valley Stage Co; from musicals to comedy to drama, there’s no shortage of entertainment. The company puts on several shows throughout its season. 

Bridge Street Live 

Bridge Street Live is a live music and stand-up comedy venue and bar overlooking the scenic Farmington River. Most events at Bridge Street occur on weekends. 

Open Mic at LaSalle's

Stop by LaSalle's Open Mic Night on Friday evenings to enjoy live music, recited poetry and even comedy routines performed by talented local artists and performers. This event has become a tradition in Collinsville for over a decade and brings in an exciting crowd every week. 


Looking for a place to enjoy a couple of beers or a nightcap? Canton has a few restaurants that stay open past midnight most nights of the week, including Grindstone Tavern, Lisa’s Crown & Hammer Restaurant & Pub, and Saybrook Fish House.